Universiteit Leiden

About Global Optimization Workshops

The LeGO 2018 workshop organized by the International Society of Global Optimization and Leiden University continues the tradition of International Global Optimization Workshop that previously took place since 1990 in various cities and countries.
The global optimization workshop features peer reviewed conference proceedings and selected papers are regularly published in special issues of journals.

Workshop Topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Global Optimization Algorithms
  • Theoretical Results and Complexity
  • Bayesian Global Optimization
  • Lipschitz Optimization
  • Black-Box Global Optimization
  • Multiobjective Optimization
  • Real World Applications of Global Optimization
  • Non-convex Optimization
  • Robust and Parametric Optimization
  • DC Optimization
  • Approximation Algorithms & Monte-Carlo Methods
  • Metaheuristics
Please, register (it is free) as a member of the International Society of Global Optimization.

Past Global Optimization Workshops:

Dates: 4th-8th Septembre, 2016
Series: XIII Global Optimization Workshop
Location: Braga, Portugal
Web page: http://apolo.dps.uminho.pt/gow16/

Series: XII Global Optimization Workshop
Dates: 1st-4th Septembre, 2014
Location: Málaga, Spain
Web page: http://www.hpca.ual.es/~MAGO14

Series: XI Global Optimization Workshop
Dates: 26th-29th June, 2012
Location: Natal, Brazil
Web page: http://gow12.dca.ufrn.br/

TOGO'10 (Tolouse Global Optimization)
Series: X Global Optimization Workshop
Dates: 31st August - 3rd September, 2010
Location: Tolouse, France
Web page: http://www.lix.polytechnique.fr/togo10/

SAGO'08 (International Workshop on Stochastic and applied Global Optimization)
Series: IX Global Optimization Workshop
Dates: July 19th -22th, 2008
Location: Skukuza, South Africa

AGO'07 (Advances in Global Optimization Methods and Applications)
Series: VIII Global Optimization Workshop
Dates: June 13-17, 2007
Location: Myconos, Greece

O'05 (International Workshop on Global Optimization)
Series: VII Global Optimization Workshop
Dates: June 13-17, 2005
Location: San José, Almería, Spain

International Conference on Frontiers in Global Optimization
Series: VI Global Optimization Workshop
Dates: June 8-12, 2003
Location: Santorini, Greece

Let's GO 2001
Series: V Global Optimization Workshop
Dates: June, 2001
Location: Hanmer Springs, New Zealand

Series: IV Global Optimization Workshop
Dates: 28th September-02nd October, 1999
Location: Firenze, Italy

Third Workshop on Global Optimization
Series: III Global Optimization Workshop
Dates: December 10-14, 1995
Location: Szeged, Hungary

Second Workshop on Global Optimization
Series: II Global Optimization Workshop
Dates: December 9-14, 1990
Location: Sopron, Hungary

First Workshop on Global Optimization
Series: I Global Optimization Workshop
Dates: December, 1985
Location: Sopron, Hungary