MODA Research Group

A shaped femtosecond laser pulse, optimized by an evolutionary strategy.

Welcome to the website of the Multicriteria Optimization and Decision Analysis!

Our focus is to develop foundations of methods in multiobjective optimization and decision analysis. We are interested how to find methods that take into account different performance criteria simultanenously and based on this find well balanced solutions to problems which are likely to be acceptable in practice, or to provide designers or decision analysts with an insight into the trade-offs. For this we use and design algorithms that are implemented in modern computation environments. These systems can explore large search spaces and data repositories and provide the core components of design or decision analytics software. To this end, our research deals as well with theoretical foundations of the field such as algorithmic learning theory, optimization and order theory, as with aspects related to algorithm engineering to bring results from theory into practice.

Thank you very much for your interest in our group. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions!

Dr. Michael Emmerich (UD), Head MODA Research Group

Check out our cool PARETO-DEMO: The interactive demo on multiobjective hypervolume gradient vs. hypervolume cooperative swarm optimization, here