Did you know?

The SMS-EMOA co-developed by the MODA group has become a standard algorithm in multi-objective optimization and is implemented in major numerical packages (R, MATLAB, PygMOO, Shark, JMetal) (click here)

Evolutionary multi-objective optimization algorithms developed by the MODA group have been crucial in the discovery of new chemical molecules for pharmaceutical applications. (click here and here).

The MODA tuning software has made it possible to improve diagnostics and image analysis in cardiology. (click here)

The algorithms developed by the MODA group have been used to improve the design of industrual processes, building designs and water distribution networks with respect to sustainability, robustness, and profitability. (click here, here, and here).

The MODA group has achieved breakthroughs in finding the provable fastest algorithms for computing fundamental quality measures in multi-objective optimization such as the expected hypervolume improvement, the multiobjective set gradient, and the contributions to the dominated hypervolume of a Pareto front. (click here, here, and here) .