Excellent Buidings via Forefront MDO

Lowest Energy Use, Optimal Spatial and Structural Performance

LIACS - TU/e Building Performance

Imagine that we could save on enormous amounts of energy and mass in buildings. For this, three innovative multidisciplinary optimisation (MDO) methods are developed, and performance assessed for building design, which is responsible for about 40 % of the total use of energy and materials worldwide. One of the MDO methods (MEMO) has the innovation of set-based multiobjective gradients and their use in global and evolutionary design optimisation, and has a large potential for other disciplines as well. For practical applicability, the models are verified for implementation in a so-called "Building Information Model" (BIM) and yet another discipline (MEP), which guarantees a wide range of practical applications. This is a collaboration between TU Eindhoven (Prof. H. Hofmeyer) and LIACS, Leiden University (Dr. Michael Emmerich) and two PhD Students.